Mika Akim

Mika Persdotter writes acoustic songs in her solo project aka Mika Akim. After many years of longing for this project to happen, it finally started out when Mika found a Viola d’amore outside of Prague during a visit. She started writing simple songs on the theme ‘To my body’ as a healing self-empowering gift to herself and to everyone that might need it. Mika Akim explores the intuitive simplicity of songwriting, with influences from early music, Nordic and American folk music, working with free forms and raw, weird and beautifully acoustic sounds. She’s mixing the poetic lyrics singing in Swedish, English and sometimes without words. Mika Akim is often joined by Tove Bagge on viola, voice, different instrument and sounds and Ossian Ward on guitar and drums.

In 2020 Mika Akim will release her debutalbum ‘Till Kroppen’, nostalgic and heartful songs to the body.