Projects and groups


Stök is string trio playing free improvised music. Tove Bagge and Mika Persdotter on viola and Julija Morgan on violin, explores the possibilities of sound and communication messy and slow. The Swedish group has known each other for many years through the music scene of classical music, folk music and improvised free music.



Nicole Hogstrand, Bettina Marie Mirai Ezaki, Pernille Kristiansen and Mika Persdotter forms the Copenhagen based string quartet Halvcirkel. Halvcirkel is an experimental string ensemble that explores classical works, improvisation and free interpretation in various constellations and takes chamber music to new heights. The quartet has interpreted works by eg. Philip Glass, Terry Riley and Dmitri Shostakovich and are known for their organic and minimalist sound and performance style, exploring the balance between tight structure and improvisation.


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Damkapellet is a collective of female musicians that highlight and perform music by female composers from all times. Coming from a background as classical musicians with experienced a power structures and gender stereotypical environments they strive for an equal music scene. They explore alternative methods by seeking new ways of experiencing and performing music. Mika Persdotter founded the ensemble in 2016.



Mika Akim

Sing and songwriting project.