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Nicole Hogstrand, Bettina Marie Mirai Ezaki, Pernille Kristiansen and Mika Persdotter forms the string quartet and collective, Halvcirkel, based in Copenhagen. In the autumn of 2018 Uppercut Danseteater premieres the new show, Panic Day, music played by Halvcirkel. The 5th of December Halvcirkel will perform a complete new program at Alice Cph. 

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mika akim

Solo project. Songwriting, improvising and composing. Songs on voice, viola, ngoni, viola d’amore, piano. 

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collective of female musicians that highlight and perform music by female composers from all times. Ongoing project Glemte stemmer, a school performance about the forgotten composers, 8th of March Damkapellet Festival 2019…

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Improvisation. Free form string trio, viola players Tove Bagge and Mika Persdotter, violinist Julija Morgan. Concerts in Copenhagen in the fall of 2018.