Halvcirkel is a string quartet based in Copenhagen since 2015, mainly doing modern composition and classical music in experimental formats. Halvcirkel has for the past years worked with improvisation as an artistic tool and expression. In their repertoire they’ve been playing composers such as Terry Riley, Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Shostakovich, Benjamin Britten, Maurice Ravel and the quartet have had closer collaborations with Copenhagen based composers such as Signe Lykke, Anders Lauge Meldgaard and Nick Martin. Halvcirkel released two albums, Halvcirkel 2017 (LP), The Gift 2018 (CD) on their own label Weltfreude Music and participated as sideband in many projects around in Copenhagen.

Bettina Marie Mirai Ezaki and Pernille Kristiansen violinists, Nicole Hogstrand cello and Mika Persdotter viola


Damkapellet is a music collective formed in 2016 that consists of 20 women with a background in classical music. They perform music written by female composers of all times, with the aim of supporting women on the world’s music scenes, and offering an alternative way of working in the classical music environment. Through learning about and challenging traditions, as well as creating awareness of power structures, Damkapellet seek artistic diversity and alternative ways to create and share music. Damkapellet experiments in various constellations such as orchestras, sound installations, smaller ensembles, solo, composition, improvisation, performances and gives talks on the project.


STÖK is a Swedish free improv string trio exploring the possibilities of sound and communication through extended techniques, messy and slow from the heart. With a common background in playing classical, folk, modern and baroque repertoire, the three musicians are now a part of the nordic free improv scene.

Julija Morgan violin, Tove Bagge and Mika Persdotter violists

Nick Martin Ensemble


Crush String Collective

CRUSH is a creative string ensemble. We improvise and compose our own material, playing music froth heart in a continual collective crush.

Viola & The Angel

Ossian Ward (drums) and Mika Persdotter (viola) playfully explores the small particles from which musical structures are made and puts them in unexpected scenarios and contexts. Singing the gospel of the free improvisation and the psalm of interplay, viola & the angel creates spaces for cheerful joy as well as mellow contemplation.


Rigodon is a trio uniting strong improvisors from Denmark, Sweden, and France. With different backgrounds in fields such as free jazz, baroque, and electro-acoustic noise the three young players find common ground in an open-ended approach to free improvisation, focusing on complex timbres, micro details, and the blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. The music is characterised by dramatic gestures, fragmented elements, and juxtaposed layers interweaving, creating a music in a constant flux.

Mika Persdotter viola, Timothée Quost trumpet, electronics, Asger Thomsen double bass