Mika Akim

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Mika Akim explores the intuitive simplicity of songwriting with influences from early music, Nordic and American folk music. Working with free forms and raw, weird and beautifully acoustic sounds, the songs are honest with poetic lyrics, sung in Swedish and English. Playing the unusual instrument viola d’amore as a lead guitar.
The debut album Till Kroppen was released in October 2020, played in Swedish, Danish and American radio and performed live in Sweden and Denmark. Mika Akim has been described as a minimalist Joni Mitchell and a musical sister to Sam Amidon. Together with the musicians Tove Bagge, Ossian Ward, Adam Grauman and the sound engineer Åke Linton, Mika Akim has made a second album that will be released in 2022.



Livestream Møn Session 17 May 2020


Photo: Lenny Gonzalez
Cover art by Sara Bergqvist
Photo: Lenny Gonzalez
Photo: Hipermania
Photo: Pawel Rakowski SJ
Harbour Concerts Livestream


Mika Akim are unpredictable, they cross-borders, they work beyond conventions.”
Bo Bjelvehammar, Lira Musikmagasin 20/11 2020 
I’ve never heard anything like it! Sounding the old-fashioned way, I would not exactly call it; but challenging, provocative, innovative and frontier-seeking would be reasonable adjectives. 
Allan E. Petersen, Rootszone 23/10 2020 
”…I can not think of anyone else in Sweden (or in other parts of the Nordics) who makes such personal «folk music» as what we are served here… Akim’s beautiful and original compositions and improvisations, and the violin playing in «Norrland & Schumann’s romance» must be some of the most painful and beautiful that has been made for two string instruments in a very long time…”
Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts 19/1 2021