Non stop music

Inga Records releases music and supports projects that are brave, innovative, sensitive, cross-border and heartfelt. The music label and publisher values freedom and different types of liberating processes. There are no rights or wrongs in music. There are no genre restrictions, but the expressions are characterized by the initiator Mika’s musical influences from classical music, folk music, songwriting, pop, free improvised avant-garde, contemporary and baroque music.

My grandmother Inga lived her life through music. She spent all day listening to music and was one of the greatest music lovers I have ever met. Sometimes she would call me just to tell me to turn on the radio ”it’s so beautiful”. Other times she took notes of what she had heard and gave it to me the next time we met each other. Inga came to all of my concerts and would always give me a bag of the chocolate candy Non Stop and told me “Non Stop Mika”.

Inga Records is a tribute to my grandmother Inga’s passion for music and a reminder to never stop, but to live life through music.

Label Logo by Sara Bergqvist

Label Manager & Founder Mika Persdotter